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We Will Never Forget


The mission of this chapter is to respect, honor and preserve the 
memory of the 75 individuals who were tragically lost on the 
November 14, 1970 plane crash in Huntington, WV. 


75 Legacy Scholarship

On November 14, 1970, a Southern Airways DC-9 carrying 37 members of the Marshall University Football Team, eight members of the coaching team and athletic staff, 25 boosters and members of the Huntington community and a crew of five Southern Airways employees, was returning from an away game against East Carolina University.

On approach to the Huntington Tri-State Airport, the aircraft struck trees on the top of a mountain and crashed just short of the runway. Tragically, all 75 souls on board were lost. This crash has been deemed “the worst sports-related air tragedy in history.”

Seventy children lost at least one parent in the crash - 18 of them lost both parents and were left orphaned.

Marshall University and the Marshall 75 Family Alumni Chapter have established a 75 Legacy Scholarship Fund for the descendants of the crash victims who wish to pursue a higher education degree at Marshall University and we need your help!

Who will this scholarship fund go to?

Funds raised for this Scholarship Fund will be used to fund the tuition of any first-generation descendant (son or daughter) of those on the plane who are currently attending or want to attend Marshall.  

In the event there are no first-generation recipients who qualify for this fund, recipient criteria shall be expanded to include any direct descendants of the 75 in generations beyond the first generation.

What better way to honor the memory of our 75 than to help their descendants attend the university they loved!


For more information about the Legacy Scholarship Fund, please contact Chapter President Leslie Deese Garvis at

or 713-819-4371.

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